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John Will
The service is perfect!
William (Bill) Tupi
I was in yesterday and as was the case with my previous two visits had an excellent experience. I complement you on your professional and hard working staff. I would like to address confusion with the visit card book. We were not to be able to find my visit card. If someone could find the time to locate my card and provide me with my number through email I would appreciate it. My first visit was on May 15, 2015; my second on June 19, and my third, July 24. I think my number given to me during my May visit was 109, but I may be mistaken. As you have my name and phone number in this email header you should be able to locate my card and provide me with my number. Thank you.
Susan Schuster
My husband and I had our first massage. Massage was deep tissue. The perfect massage. $58 - great price. No frills, Large towel provided I prefer a light blanket so will BYOB next appointment for full body massage. Not a place to hang out and drink champagne; however, if you want a great massage/price, this is perfect for you. I will bring my own blanket next visit. There will definitely be a next visit for us. I\'m excited to try one hour foot massage. I will recommend to all my friends.
I have been here since it was open. The service is perfect and soooo comfortable